Why is Rugby important in SA private schools?

Rugby is a huge sport in South Africa today, everyone knows that, but why? Why is it the most supported sport in schools? Why is it the most anticipated event in school derbies? More specifically why is rugby the “end all” game during Grahamstown’s Diocesan School for Girls (DSG), St Andrews College (SAC) and Kingswood... Continue Reading →


Who paved the way?

Rap music is said to have been birthed in East Coast, in Brooklyn, New York more specifically. It is also known that the Rap genre has been dominated by males since its birth so who introduced female rappers today? It is difficult to pin-point exactly who was the first ever female rapper, as rapping as... Continue Reading →

Body Shaming

Body Shaming has always been a public issue that women, men and adolescents deal with on a daily basis around the world. It is not just an issue that I read and watch about on the internet but an issue that I, as a young, black woman, have suffered from as well. Currently, my body... Continue Reading →

Ice Cube

The You Know How We Do It single featured on Ice Cube's fourth album, Lethal Injection, released in 1993, has to be one of the most popular West Coast Hip-Hop/Rap songs during the hype after the release of this album. It's also one of my favourite West Coast Hip-Hop/Rap songs not only because I enjoy Ice Cube's... Continue Reading →

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